How to nail an interview

Do you have a radio or television interview on the horizon? We’ve pulled together some great tips and tricks to get you prepared, ensuring you nail whatever questions you’re faced with.

While interviews are daunting for most, they are an extremely useful and valuable tool for you to represent yourself or your business. Whether it be to tell a story or get a point across, interviews ultimately allow you to control your narrative.

First things first, you should never go into an interview unprepared. Always cross check any information you intend to disclose and/or check up on any facts that you suspect might be mentioned. Being well prepared ensures you’ll be less likely to trip up on any questions from the interviewer or lose track of your core statement in conversation.

It’s no surprise when we say television interviews require a lot more attention to detail than radio. Your appearance and body language must be taken into consideration for the entirety of filming. In terms of mannerisms, strive to be pleasant, stand up and smile (if appropriate for the context), and try to avoid fidgeting, folding your arms or making big movements.

Additionally, while it is important to boast your own style, when it comes to your television fashion choices there a few items to skip in the wardrobe. Take note to stay away from bright patterned colours, noisy jewellery and dark glasses.

Your eyeline also plays a vital role in your confidence. Stray from gazing at the floor or bright lights and instead focus on the interviewer’s forehead or a spot on the wall close behind them.

Also remember that the production crew may pose as a distraction. Whether it’s the camera operator, the director, or the various assistants hanging around, it can make it hard for one to focus. It’s best to be aware of your surroundings and familiarise yourself with the numerous broadcasting roles.

Here at BPR, we’ll be sure to help you stay cool, calm and collected, sticking by your side and guiding you through your interview. We also offer professional media training to help you adequately prepare. Please contact us for more information on this service.

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