Media relationships and networking

You have probably heard the age-old tale that PR is all glamour and glitz, with exclusive events and A-lister encounters part of the job, but did you know media relationships and networking play a vital role in the success of PR practitioners?

Media relationships are essential for developing effective and mutually beneficial connections. This involves linking with multiple media outlets that could potentially share your client’s story via television, magazines, newspapers and radio. This dramatically increases brand awareness, consumer reach and credibility of your client.

These media relationships are ultimately formed through networking, which is part of day-to-day life for PR practitioners. Social events, conferences, seminars and fundraisers are all excellent opportunities to meet new journalists, reporters, editors or producers. Once you start to build these impactful connections, you are more likely to ensure consistent media coverage for your clients.

Media relationships must be maintained as they can be extremely beneficial to both parties in the future. This can be done by attending one another’s events, introducing one another to new faces or ensuring your media contacts get first option to run your story. These relationships can also be upheld by engaging with one another on social media or checking in on email.

Without media relationships and networking, the PR industry wouldn’t be where it is today, so never say no to an event opportunity, put yourself out there and treasure your relationships!

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